FP CULTURE HOUSE

Euro Sail Yacht is pleased to announce the international birth of the first FOUNTAINE PAJOT CATAMARANS CULTURE HOUSE, an exclusive club reserved for shipowners of the shipyard, for over 40 years, a world leader in the production of catamarans. Euro Sail Yacht has decided to concentrate energy and investments in the catamaran sector.

The ambitious goal is to bring this new nautical trend to prevail in Italy, in Europe and later in the world. An increasing number of international ship owners decide to moor their catamarans in our country, a nation that has one of the oldest seafaring traditions in the world.

Italians, a people of great navigators: among the most famous we remember Amerigo Vespucci and Cristoforo Colombo, whose passion for the sea has contributed to create, in the following generations, a mentality devoted to shipbuilding that nowadays has reached the highest standards in construction and boat maintenance. The natural conformation of our peninsula, bathed by three seas (Ionian, Adriatic and Tyrrhenian) highlights a marvelous coastline and allows the inhabitants of the coastal areas to have the opportunity to "see" the sea as a work opportunity.

The Bel Paese also has more than seven thousand kilometers of coastline that, varying from north to south offering unique and spectacular landscapes.

"There could not be a more suitable destination to keep and moor your catamaran" these are the words of Euro Sail Yacht's CEO, Luca Venica, who announces the creation of a Club of Italian and international shipowners who will be offered an exclusive service. A Club dedicated to those who want to stand out sailing with innovative, comfortable and fast hulls.

Euro Sail Yacht has created the conditions to facilitate the owners of catamarans. A network of marinas and marinas has been created and consolidated throughout Italy with which Euro Sail Yacht collaborates in order to stipulate preferential agreements for mooring multihulls. The offer includes a custody and surveillance service to meet the needs of many enthusiasts who do not have the time to take care of their boat full-time. A 360-degree service for owners who want to enjoy only the fun aspects of boating, entrusting the care of their boat to experts in the sector.

To maintain these values, the Club is reserved for a LIMITED NUMBER OF OWNERS who will be able to take advantage of a package of services that provide practical training in navigation and mooring through ONE-TO-ONE COURSES with specialized personnel up to the management of boat rentals in periods of inactivity of the vessel by the Shipowner.

A "SMART" VISION of the ownership of the boat. Membership of the Club will relieve the owner of the complications that characterize the normal management of the boat and will also allow him to amortize the costs.

A bouquet of services that translate into a TAYLOR MADE MANAGEMENT to satisfy any owner's request.

Euro Sail Yacht is proud to represent for the North of Italy, (Liguria, Friuli, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche) the oldest and at the same time the most innovative shipyard in the world in the production of multihulls! Fountaine Pajot, for over 40 years is owned by a family of "doc" sailors whose philosophy is expressed in passing on, from generation to generation, the Dna represented above all by the "seaworthiness" or the high standard of navigation. The result shows excellent performance so as to turn navigation into a comfortable cruise in any weather and sea conditions. Fountaine Pajot catamarans are able to deal with weather conditions that other boats built in series can not support. The last show of "La Grande Motte" highlighted the absence of shipyards blazoned due to the impossibility of some multihulls to reach the French resort due to the prohibitive weather conditions. Several catamarans have not arrived in time to the event except for the "Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 Fram" able to tackle Sea Forza 7, waves over 5 meters high and winds at 60 knots. Fountaine Pajot catamarans are characterized by the study and development of navigation skills able to satisfy ship owners and demanding sailors who want to safely tackle the ocean routes. Hulls therefore expressing qualities of superior construction, solidity and marine qualities combined with style, elegance and ergonomics. "Chic" boats with sleek lines and easily recognizable in the open sea even in the distance. Euro Sail Yacht welcomes owners and enthusiasts Fountaine Pajot WELCOME IN THE "FOUNTAINE PAJOT CATAMARANS CULTURE HOUSE"